About Us

John Finch Computers has been providing professional computer support to both home and business users throughout Herefordshire.

JFC has built up a large client base from customer recommendations and prides itself on being your local point of contact for all aspects of IT. We are dedicated to providing professional and affordable solutions for both hardware and software applications as well as In partnership with Microsoft and other leading IT manufactures such as HP and Netgear we aim to provide the right equipment at the right price.

If you require computer support or advice please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


With a passion for IT at a young age I started JFC in 2005 with the idea of offering local computer support in and around Hereford. The company has now grown significantly and I enjoy the variation of work we now receive. I have always been interested in technology and motorsport and enjoy combining both on our virtual reality driving simulator.


I'm an experienced IT Technician having worked in a variety of roles within the industry for 20+ years now. For most of my career I've supported on-premise, physical servers/PCs but have found myself drawn towards the world of cloud based solutions moreso over the past few years. Outside of work I play a lot of sports, I DJ and also write/produce music.


I am an IT Support Technician/Consultant; I've worked at JFC since 2017. My area of expertise is computer builds, server setups and software installations. I enjoy challenging jobs that require complex problem solving. Outside of work I enjoy gaming, driving and have an interest in Virtual reality.


I started at JFC earlier this year as an Apprentice Technician; I’m developing my skills and looking forward to becoming a full-time Support Technician at JFC. Outside of work, I enjoy delving into games, especially those that make use of Virtual Reality headsets.

Josh Walker

I have worked at JFC for nearly 2 years now as a support technician. I enjoy helping people which is why I love working at JFC. I Love Gaming and motorsport, but most of all, I love computers.

Josh Wood

I'm a software engineer at JFC. My duties include writing/testing of bespoke software and supporting clients. I've been writing software professionally for 4+ years now, and enjoyed it as a hobby from age 12. In my personal life I enjoy gaming, mechanics and driving, as well as mixing and producing music. My favourite genre is Drum & Bass.


Chris is a SC Cleared IT professional with over 20+ years experience in infrastructure, software development and cyber security. His role at JFC is Technical Director.