Repair & Builds


We can build tailor-made systems around you, whatever the requirement.


From entry-level systems to high-end enthusiast builds, we professionally design, build and test your system to meet the highest standards to play the latest games at the highest settings.

VR & Simulator

Our most recent project we have undertaken is to build a VR Racing Simulator.  Using top of the range components for the chassis and wheel as well as motion controllers for increased realism in the game.  To power the simulator, we are using our flagship JFC gaming tower which uses Intel’s 8th gen processors and an NVIDIA RTX 2080ti graphics card which provides the best possible experience when using the HTC Vive Pro VR headset.

Graphic Design and Editing

Do you work with 2D/3D programs such as Autodesk or Adobe? If so we can build you a system that drastically improves work efficiency/quality and render time.

Supply equipment

In desperate need of a replacement part such as a new HDD or Graphics Card? We can offer a wide range of components and accessories at competitive prices and offer great after sales service.


Got an old desktop/laptop that’s in dire need of an upgrade, we provide a large variety of new and refurbished parts that will increase the performance and reliability of your machine.